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Soon you will be mine!

2,5h left of my working shift and then i can go get my vest, soon soon you will be mine. I´ve searched for a few days now, cos in the store i was supposed to by it from didn´t stil have it, fucking hell it was out of order.

But then i found a store who i hope stil have it, cos in other case i will break down and cry. I have been waiting for like 3 month now so i can afford it and when i finaly have the cash its out of stock


Another bloody morning

Ffs Im so tired, the past four days i´ve been working 14h/day and 7h today. That is 63h/nine shifts of work in five days. But after today im of for 4,5 days….. Sweeeeet!

Thank god i got my coffee and nicotine, without it i woulden´t survive. I´ve found a new jacket im gonna by, or jacket ?! It´s a vest from DePalma, it´s so fucking hot =) realy nice.


Me like alot

 Look at it! It is so clean, so retro 70´s and that makes me go wild n´crazy. So now the only thing i am mising is a Lowrider bike and the license to drive it. If my wallet agrees i will by it today =).

Coffee, coffee, coffee

Coffee, coffee, coffee mmmmmmmmmmmm. -”You didn´t have coffee!”.

-”well, it feels like someone of us have”.


It´s the best thing in the morning, coffee what a fucking lifesaver. I have not been able to write for a while for many different reasons whitch i wont write about for the moment but lets say i´ve been busy.

Autumn has arrived and the leaves has begun to fall, the sun is stil shining but it is pretty cold outside. I´ve started to think about gettin back to school to re-educate me so that the opportunities will increase if i want to change my job in the future.

I dont realy know what i want to study cos thera are few different choises so i´ll guess we see what it turns out to be.

Btw if someone wonder why i do this in english, it is just because i want to expand my viewers and possible readers so that all that wants can enjoy my misery haha =)


Fuck off and die….. or something

Sometimes I get the urge to tell people to fuck off, sometimes they deserve it and sometimes they are annoying in general.

Like hell do I restrain myself and keep my mouth shut because I should not get into trouble and because I have enough morals to know that it is wrong.
But sometimes it would have been damn good to just go to the first person and ask him to fuck off.

Toss off


Imagine if all people were morally unbound, how would society look like then? People would ask each other to go to hell or say a lot of other unpleasantness. I guess it’s good that morality exists and that most people are linked to it.

He’s getting a tattoo, yeah, he’s gettin’ ink done.

 he’s getting a tattoo, yeah, he’s gettin’ ink done. He asked for a 13 but they drew a 31.

Aight so i got a new tattoo, we have begun to create the background for my chest piece and here is a pic of it :). I have also been to a concert with Alice Cooper and the No more mr niceguy tour. It was kinda good but for my taste a bit quiet.

Me, me, me


Well besides that nothing have happend so far, the sun is back after few days och thick, dark thunder clouds so thats nice.

Well for now on take care people and enjoy the sun 🙂

Hot day and night

This day passed by smoothly, really hot outside ´bout 27 degrees c. This week we ”babysit” a dog named Zak so to day we went to the park to throw some freezbe. After 2h of walking around and some throwing we went back home for some rest. Later this afternoon my friend Oscar got here and we had some food and beers.

So you could say it was kind of a pruductive day.

Summertime…….Wtf is goin´on?

So it´s been a while since i wrote  last time but to my defence i must say i´ve been very busy. It is hard to be Jebus you know so, no but seriously i´ve been fed up to my throat with stuff.

I´ve been to Poland for a while in my work and i can tell ya´ll that the internet at the hotel sucked big time i was online for 15 min evry time and then i had to type the hotel login password for another 15 min session so there was no time for my blog but i can tell ya´that we had a blast, this was the second trip to Poland and it was nuts both times, complete crazy.

Well what more, oh yeah there have been some party nights as well some booze and some snooker and real good music. Then midsummer came and we had some nice BBQ and to much to drink (almost any way) and as well good music coz i was the ”DJ” 😛

Well there have been shit loads of twisted stuff goin on in Stockholm during midsummer, accidents, homicide and many many drunk, stupid fucktards. Wtf is goin´on? Cant people just have a decent behavior and act like adults?  If your gonna drink some booze please do it with responsibility and make sure you know your limits.

Oh yeah i almost forgot, Ryan Dunn from the JackAss Crew past away few days ago in a carcrash so i just want to say Rest In Peace Ryan Dunn.

It´s every persons right to choose between their own life and death

Whaching a movie right now about the subject physician-assisted suicide. The movie is based on the American docktor Jack Kevorkians life and his work with physician-assisted suicide. The main subject of this storie is that Dr. Kevorkianhas dedicated his life to help people in severe pain to die but the gouvernment and many other people think its homicide. Well then who is this Jack Kevorkian? He´s birthname is Jacob, born May 26, 1928. He is an Armenian-American pathologist, right-to-die activist, painter, composer, and instrumentalist. He is best known for publicly championing a terminal patient’s right to die via physician-assiste suicide he claims to have assisted at least 130 patients to that end. He famously said that ”dying is not a crime”

In the beginning 1999 Kevorkian served eight years of a 10-to-25-year prison sentence for second-degree murder. He was released on parole on June 1, 2007, on condition that he would not offer suicide advice to any other person. Kevorkian started advertising in Detroit newspapers in 1987 as a physician consultant for ”death counseling.” His first public assisted suicide was in 1990, of Janet Adkins, an elderly woman diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 1989. He was charged with murder, but charges were dropped on December 13, 1990 because there were no Michigan laws outlawing suicide or the medical assistance of it so he was not in violation of a law. However, in 1991 the State of Michigan revoked Kevorkian’s medical license and made it clear that given his actions, he was no longer permitted to practice medicine or to work with patients. Between 1990 and 1998, Kevorkian assisted in the deaths of 130 terminally ill people, according to his lawyer Geoffrey Fieger. In each of these cases, the individuals themselves allegedly took the final action which resulted in their own deaths.

Was Jack an evil man? I dont think that, he was devoted he´s work and he did was he would have wanted if he was in he´s patients situation.  Media did evrything to smear his name and make him the evil docktor even tho he did´nt forced suicide upon any patient. He simply said that he could help them and after that it was up to the patien to decide.

As he said ” Its not a crime to die”.

I think it´s every persons right to choose between their own life and death.

Doing your best is not always good enough

I try my best to keep this blog flowing continuously, sometimes i manage to and other times i fail but for the most im doing okey. As i said in a previous post it is damn hard to find a subject to talk about 2 or even 3 times a day without repeating yous self all the time and i know  that at least 2 updates a day is what it takes if you want to run a succsessful blog.

Hmm whats new? Oh yeah well there was a new homicide in Stockholm City this weekend, A guy was stabbed to death and hes friend was severe injured associated with a major fight early on the saturday morning, and the very strange thing with the whole situvation is that the security guards did´nt do anything to help the stabbed guy instead they cuffed him and let him bleed to death which is totaly fucked up and i can tell you that this is´nt the first time swedish security guards opperate on that lever, few years ago some guards throw a guy down an escalator and that guy ended up dead coused by breaking his neck at the touch down.

And there are mors stories when security guards have acted nasty towards regular people such as rape cases and threatening attitude. It seems to me like they thing they can do whatever they want just because they have this tiny badge which says security guard.

I cant blame them for evrything tho coz there is some security guards who are nice towards other people like some of them who works at the doors outside the nightclubs, not all nightclubs but some. My experience is somewhere between good and evil, i´ve met both kind those who are nice and those who always acting nasty and cockey.

Eurovision, what a fucking joke

Eurovision is a fucking joke, people just dont seems to know how to make good music!

No but seriously it seems to me that people are unable to tell whats good and bad music based on all of the voted countrys of yesterdays competition. Honestly i dont think you can compete in music that kind of way coz eurovision is not what it use to be, its not ”the eurovision genre” anymore so its very unfair to let drfferent genre compete against eatch other becouse they dont have the same conditions.

It´s different with competitions like Idol and other talent shows which is not based on genre but instead based upon the skills and charisma of the competitors, that makes the whole competition fair and all competitors have the same background.

One example of another competition which is fair is the Bandit Rock awards. Why this particular competition is fair is simply based upon the fact that all rock/metal band compete agains other band in the same genre which also turns it in to a competition based on skills and charisma.

My conclusion is therefore that Eurovision song contest is hardly unfair against all the competitors.