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This time they´ve crossed the line way to much!

All over the world you can read in evry newspaper about misfortune, pain and death but there is some kind of happenings that are quite anonymous for the rest of the world accept the land concerned.

In this case it´s about the King and queen of Sweden, i must say im not a royalist so forgive me you who are but the swdish king and queen are real fucktards! There is no other way to describe them. In the past 20 years Sweden has suffered for many reasons evrything from rapes and violence out in the streets to domestic violence and murderers. Once a week you can read about a girl being raped or a guy suffers in pain from a battery or why not a juicy muderer or some domestic violence? Coz thats what our reality looks like but the king and queen dont seems to realise it. And now to the real reason why i make this kind of angryish anti-royal message.

Earlyer this morning i was reading a swedish newspaper called Aftonbladet when i stumbled across an interview with the royal swedes associated with a trip to Poland they made. In Poland they was interviewed with some questions about the swedish uthor Stieg Larsson and his trilogy about Millenium when the king answered

 ”I am very surprised that the books have become such a success. Perhaps it is because Sweden has never previously been associated with a criminal world, ”  ”I am shocked by the cruelty,”said the Queen.

WTF?!! What kind of a shitty statment is that? It´s like they have lived i a bubble for the last 20 years. As i said before nearly evry day there is at least one article about rape, battery, murderer or some kind of other violent act, i mean we got the 2 bigest MC gangs in the world here, we got the Original gangsters and we have had the Black Cobra! And then they make that insane statement that Sweden has never previously been associated with a criminal world? In the 1920s we had the racial Institute of Uppsala where they did exactly the same experiments on people as the Nazis did towards the jews so you see why i think that the kings statement is outrageous. According to him we live i a peaceful country but as a matter of fact we dont, in many ways we live in a shitty country.



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