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Epic fail, a stupid decision will cost you your pride

There is shit-loads of people that makes shit-loads of stupid decisions without even thinking about the consequences such as politicians who makes dumb statements and promises the can´t keep which ends up with a bunch of angry people who cant trust them any more.

Well lets say that we people are made to make the wrong decisions without even spare some thoughts of the results of our actions. The picture below is very significant due to the content of this text.


So now to the reason for this text. The stupiest thing to do is to cheat on your partner, Not only have they violated the sacred bond between yourself and your partner, you have also managed to get an enemy in the process. I have never ever cheated on a partner but, i do understand the principle for when you get into a slump in the relationship and the spark will disappear or fade away might feel attractive and exciting to start a sexual relationship that is not structured or governed by emotion but guess what it´s all about good and bad carma and cheating is bad carma and in the end it will catch up with you anyway and sooner or later your partner will find out that you have been unfaithful and then start the mental execution for real.

Few days ago when my baby came home she opened the door and called out to me, i asked her what she wanted when she told me to check something out. so i went up walked over to her and looked at the direction where she was pointig. She pointed towards a neighbors door on the floor and told me to check it out so i went up to the door and there on the floor was a pair of high heels and a note. And now to the funny final the note said ”Have fun with your fuck buddies, it´s enough i know evrything now. You can´t use me anymore.// Maria”

Thats what i call an Epic fail, he cheated on hes gal, she learns it the hard way when she finds the other gals shoes and the she puts the shoes outside the door together with the note make him look rediculous and  teaching evry one who wants to read it that he´s a cheating bastard.



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