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They have done it again and again, those blue parasites eating our money

They’ve done it again, those sycophantic moderate bastards who eats up our economy. Yours and mine, we who are not so well payed! We who dont earn 150 000 K a month and we who are struggling with the economy . They are like cockroaches in a nuclear-affected area, they will come back again and again.

They lower our taxes which is good but in line with our taxes lowered other expenses will increase such as food, bus passes and health care. I was reading in the newspaper this morning that the finance county concil in Stockholm dont think its so bad couse the bus pass will only increase with 100 SEK increse but its to much, it was to much from the begining Now we will have to pay 800 SEK for a bloody bus pass, not cool!

And then the damn idiot to finance county council Torbjörn Rosdahl have nerves to say – it would be unreasonable if not SL-card cost a bit more. I have had more in my pockets, ”he told Stockholm City to try to put the increase into perspective.

– A hundred crowns, it is 3 bags of  potato chips. WTF was that? What a strange comparison and what he obviously dose´nt understand is that not evrybody can afford 3 bags of potato chips/month. We have 3 social classes in Sweden, the lower class, the working class and over class( the Aristocrats). Aristocrats do anything to besmirch us in the working class, they have the cake and they eat it too. Persists, we, all middle-income earners with a quarter of a politician’s salary and the higher expenses that comes when a conservative government in power over the country we live in.



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