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Doing your best is not always good enough

I try my best to keep this blog flowing continuously, sometimes i manage to and other times i fail but for the most im doing okey. As i said in a previous post it is damn hard to find a subject to talk about 2 or even 3 times a day without repeating yous self all the time and i know  that at least 2 updates a day is what it takes if you want to run a succsessful blog.

Hmm whats new? Oh yeah well there was a new homicide in Stockholm City this weekend, A guy was stabbed to death and hes friend was severe injured associated with a major fight early on the saturday morning, and the very strange thing with the whole situvation is that the security guards did´nt do anything to help the stabbed guy instead they cuffed him and let him bleed to death which is totaly fucked up and i can tell you that this is´nt the first time swedish security guards opperate on that lever, few years ago some guards throw a guy down an escalator and that guy ended up dead coused by breaking his neck at the touch down.

And there are mors stories when security guards have acted nasty towards regular people such as rape cases and threatening attitude. It seems to me like they thing they can do whatever they want just because they have this tiny badge which says security guard.

I cant blame them for evrything tho coz there is some security guards who are nice towards other people like some of them who works at the doors outside the nightclubs, not all nightclubs but some. My experience is somewhere between good and evil, i´ve met both kind those who are nice and those who always acting nasty and cockey.



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