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Summertime…….Wtf is goin´on?

So it´s been a while since i wrote  last time but to my defence i must say i´ve been very busy. It is hard to be Jebus you know so, no but seriously i´ve been fed up to my throat with stuff.

I´ve been to Poland for a while in my work and i can tell ya´ll that the internet at the hotel sucked big time i was online for 15 min evry time and then i had to type the hotel login password for another 15 min session so there was no time for my blog but i can tell ya´that we had a blast, this was the second trip to Poland and it was nuts both times, complete crazy.

Well what more, oh yeah there have been some party nights as well some booze and some snooker and real good music. Then midsummer came and we had some nice BBQ and to much to drink (almost any way) and as well good music coz i was the ”DJ” 😛

Well there have been shit loads of twisted stuff goin on in Stockholm during midsummer, accidents, homicide and many many drunk, stupid fucktards. Wtf is goin´on? Cant people just have a decent behavior and act like adults?  If your gonna drink some booze please do it with responsibility and make sure you know your limits.

Oh yeah i almost forgot, Ryan Dunn from the JackAss Crew past away few days ago in a carcrash so i just want to say Rest In Peace Ryan Dunn.



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