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Coffee, coffee, coffee

Coffee, coffee, coffee mmmmmmmmmmmm. -”You didn´t have coffee!”.

-”well, it feels like someone of us have”.


It´s the best thing in the morning, coffee what a fucking lifesaver. I have not been able to write for a while for many different reasons whitch i wont write about for the moment but lets say i´ve been busy.

Autumn has arrived and the leaves has begun to fall, the sun is stil shining but it is pretty cold outside. I´ve started to think about gettin back to school to re-educate me so that the opportunities will increase if i want to change my job in the future.

I dont realy know what i want to study cos thera are few different choises so i´ll guess we see what it turns out to be.

Btw if someone wonder why i do this in english, it is just because i want to expand my viewers and possible readers so that all that wants can enjoy my misery haha =)




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